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Thanks for stopping by! I’m the founder and president of Skullgate Media, an independent writing collective, but first and foremost I like to write. If you’re interested in science-fiction, fantasy, or weird fiction, that’s what do! I've had numerous short stories published in anthologies, find links to my self-published books, as well as manuscripts I’m currently querying for traditional publication, and find out about some of my other projects. My debut middle-grade fantasy novel aimed at reluctant readers, The Sword of Embers, will be published this November! Follow me on twitter as @aboutrunning for news and updates when it's available!


 If you’re a literary agent, I am currently querying to find representation — if you like what you see, be in touch.

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I'm the President of Skullgate Media, an indie writing collective. We publish a number of books, chief of which is the anthology series Tales From the Year Between. Head over to YearBetween.com and Skullgate.com to learn more about our publications and buy our books!

Post Cards From NeoTokyo

Bite-Sized doses of cyberpunk noir

Currently, the first two novellas of my cyberpunk noir series, Post Cards From Neotokyo, are available for purchase.  You can get them at Amazon in print, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited. The first book, Memory & Desire, is also on available at Anyone Comics in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and Post Cards from NeoTokyo, which collects the two novellas, is for sale at Greenlight Books in Ft. Green, Brooklyn. 


The Farhome Elf Chronicles

Epic Fantasy for Reluctant Readers

Coming November 2021 

The Farhome Elf Chronicles is a 10 book fantasy series book for “struggling readers” age 9+ reading on a 500 Lexile level (1-2 grade) inspired by my dyslexic son.



Flaire is a young wood elf who longs to be a ranger, like his mom. But when he and his friend overhear a high elf general plotting to find the lost Sword of Embers and destroy the wood elves, will Flaire become a hero and save the day — or will his sister and her ice dragon have to come to his rescue? Book 1 of a 10 book series.

My “Target Audience” is kids who like their parents reading Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, or The Hobbit out loud to them, but they aren’t up for reading that complexity on their own. I’m aiming for that level of PG action — there’s no REAL violence, but loads of action, adventure, and humour.

The books are “chapter books” but only 10,000 words total, with chapters around 800-1,000 words each, to be more approachable to kids who "don't like to read."

As of this moment, book one has found a publisher and will be released in November 2021.

Books two, three, and four are all finished, and with a little luck, The entire series should be finished by the end of 2021.