The Farhome Elf Chronicles

My 11 year old son has ADHD and a learning delay. He loves fantasy stories, but hates to read. When I couldn't find just the right book, I decided to write it...

A 10 book epic fantasy series for reluctant readers. All the action, adventure, and world-building of The Lord of the Rings, but accessible to younger and struggling readers.

Book 1: The Sword of Embers

Coming November 2021

Flaire is a 12 year-old elf hungry for adventure. His sister is dragon rider, his mom leads the legendary Rangers, and he is stuck going in boring school. When he and his best friend, Talin, skip class one day, they never suspect they are about to stumble across a plot by the high elf general, Kar-Loth, to plunge the Great Woods into war. The Sword of Embers is the first book in the Farhome Elf Chronicles, a 10 book series that spans continents and centuries and entails long-lost artifacts, dragons, and power-hungry kings. The series has all the epic-sweep of a "grown up" fantasy series, like Patrick Rothfuss, Tad Williams, or Tolkien, but is written to appeal to reluctant readers.  

Book 2: The Sword of Frost

After thwarting the high elf Kar-Loth and retrieving the Sword of Embers, Flaire thinks his life will be easy -- after all, he's a hero, right? But when he and Talin overhear Flaire's mom talking about another magical sword, Flaire finds himself being swept up in another epic adventure. Meanwhile, Flaire's sister discovers that the high elf treachery reaches deep into the city of Farhome itself...

Book 3: The Hidden Kingdom

The wizards of Farhome have the Sword of Flames, but still cannot tap into it's power. But Kar-Loth has the Sword of Frost and can use it to unleash powerful magic that he hopes to turn against the wood elves in the Great Woods. Flaire, Talin, and Liona are worried their world is about to be destroyed by war. None of them are expecting Queen Illya to send them on a quest as Farhome's last, desperate hope. Cut off from their home and persued by high elf troops, the three young elves find help in an unexpected place... as well as unexpected new dangers.

The World of Farhome

The depth of an epic fantasy, but readable by all ages and skill levels.

Hundreds of years of history. Kings and queens. Civil wars and cursed artifacts. The word of Farhome is filled with the detailed world-building and intricate back-story that older kids crave, but without the complex sentences and vocabulary that struggling readers stumble over. Written at a 500-600 Lexile level (1st-2nd grade) but with a story and characters that will appeal to 5th graders and up, the Farhome Chronicles is perfect for the kid who "hates to read."