Short Fiction & Other Projects

"I Dream of Trees"

“I Dream of Trees” follows an elf living deep beneath the ocean in a submarine. While secluded from culture and society, the narrator falls in love with the ship’s onboard AI. It was recently published as part of Renee Gendron’s wonderful anthology, Beneath the Twin Suns. Available on Kindle and in print at Amazon. In addition to the many fantastic short stories set in a shared SFF world, all proceeds from the anthology to go support the Red Cross. 1,500 words, science-fiction

"New Comic Book Day"

A teenager wrestles with the past and what it means to "move on" after loss and trauma. Adjusting to the "new normal" is hard, but what if that means living in a city swarmed by hordes of the living dead? "New Comic Book Day" appears in The New Normal, edited by Nikki Mitchell. All proceeded go to support the World Federation for Mental Health. (5,000 words, horror)

"What to Expect When You're Summoning a Demon"

A man wonders if the solution to the lack of meaning in his life is to summon a demon. There are many mistakes you can go back and undo--it turns out summoning a demon is NOT one of them. (10,000 words, weird-fiction)

"Hide and Seek"

A young marine tries to move past the trauma of having growing up in a homophobic cult while struggling to trust a sentient spaceship. Does the ship share her protective feelings for Dylan, a young autistic boy Suzanne has grown close to, or is there some sinister, alien motive at play? (5,000 words, sci-fi)

Free Short Story

"Future Harm"

Sci-fi, 8,000 words

Katrina wakes up to find she's being sued by her future self. A speculative piece about regret and the choices we make.

Katrina jumped up from the couch to answer the door as soon as the bell rang.  Her food was almost half an hour late — again. She was expecting the delivery guy from Bombay Heights with her order of chicken tiki masala, so she was confused when, instead of a skinny Indian man wearing an oversized motorcycle helmet holding a bag of take-out, there was a tall white guy wearing a camel-hair jacket over an expensive black suit.  READ THE REST OF THE STORY

Published Translation

The Legend of Ragnar Lothbork

My one “real” publication (Greymalkin Press, 2016). A translation of the medieval Icelandic saga Ragnars Saga Lodbrokar. Originally completed as my senior project back in 1999, a publisher emailed me out of the blue seventeen years later looking to turn it into an actual book. One of the craziest stories of my life. Anyway, if you like vikings and want a scholarly translation of what their stories were REALLY like, this one’s got it all – a princess in a tower, a dragon, and lots of viking raids. 


Love Songs for the Robot Apocolypse

Currently Querying

Currently Querying! A queer YA sci-fi romance, Love Songs for the Robot Apocalypse is The Terminator as told by John Greene, or Battle Angel Alita crossed with Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. It’s a coming of age lesbian romance set in 1995 with small-town football, punk-rock mixed tapes, and a mysterious freedom fighter from the future … I am currently querying literary agents seeking representation for Love Songs. If you are an agent interested in seeing a full or partial manuscript, I’d love to hear from you!

Dragon's Curse

Currently Querying! One hundred years ago, the Gods were killed.  The evil Dragon Gornd returned from centuries of exile to slaughter the other Gods who had imprisoned them at the dawn of time.  He exterminated the elves, toppled the human kingdoms, and drove the dwarves into hiding.  For the last one hundred years, he and his followers have ruled the Five Fold Realms while all other peoples have struggled to survive under the harsh draconian rule.  There has been no magic, no kings, no Gods other than the Dragon.  But now, on the fringes of Gornd’s Empire, something is changing.  A half-orc warrior has received a vision.  A young boy has found ancient scrolls.  And a dwarf, determined to follow pleasure and distraction wherever it leads, finds himself unable to escape the call of fate … Dragon’s Curse is epic fantasy in the tradition of Patrick Rothfus or Tad Williams, only with race and LGBTQ characters interwoven into the world. As a former medieval studies major, I bring a deep understanding of history, societies, and medieval literature into my characters and world-building. I am currently querying literary agents seeking representation for Dragon’s Curse. If you are an agent interested in seeing a full or partial manuscript, I’d love to hear from you!