Skullgate Media, LLC

Skullgate Media

An independent publishing collective

Skullgate Media is a member-owned publishing collective. Our goal is to publish exciting and innovative fiction across a wide range of genres with a focus on speculative fiction, weird fiction, and sci-fi fantasy. We value friendly collaboration, wild imagination, and shared worlds, with the general belief that the best way for authors to succeed is to help one another. Instead of working in isolation, the members of Skullgate media have come together to pool our experience and various skillsets in order to complete the entire publishing process in-house: from drafting and beta-reading, to layout and copy-editing, to web-site design and marketing.

Skullgate Media was born during the creation of the first volume of Tales From the Year Between. My impulsive tweet asking if anyone wanted to help out with an anthology was meant to start a fly-by-night, casual online 'zine, but quickly became a serious, professional level publication. Some of the contributors realized that while they loved writing for the book, they loved working together on the project on its own. It soon became clear that they had ambitions and ideas that a single anthology could not contain.

Pushing the limits of genre fiction

I'm the founder and president, but Skullgate Media is a team of five, and each of us brings a unique strength to the team. Along with Chris Durston, Colleen Storiz, Debbie Iancu-Haddad, and Diana Gagliardi, my goal is for the name Skullgate to mean exellence, professionalism, and truly uniquely inspired works of fiction.


Quality Printing

Every Skullgate book is available as an eBook in a variety of formats, but also in high-quality, print-on-demand paperback editions. Each anthology and novel has professional art, layout, and breath-taking covers.

Unique Worlds

All our books push the boundaries of genre-fiction. Whether fantasy, science fiction, horror, or some weird blend that defies categorization, Skullgate's publications are like nothing you've read before.


In an industry that all too often seems cut-throat and removed, we strive to be friendly and intimate. Whether building worlds through massive on-line "games" or just taking the time to get to know our authors and fans, Skullgate's goal is to help writers lift each other up.


Our motto is "Factum Est Bonus" -- it's all good. Writing about dragons and robots should be fun, not stressful. All of us got into writing because it brought us joy. We believe that just because we're taking our writing "seriously" there's no reason to not still have fun! Space sharks and giant ants, baby!

Skullgate has a podcast! Listen to the authors talk about the process of creating a shared world, as well as new audio stories from our anthologies every two weeks